How students borrow money | trying to leverage loans and use the interest-free period

Until payment is not enough living expenses. Date wanted to go but no money. I want to go abroad after graduation but not enough money.
Student life and money is absolutely necessary when I think you.
So when will rely on loans.
Loans can borrow money in school, so it is sometimes very useful.
Note that points to borrow money in this article, students want to keep holding and parent to when you’d like to hide, when you borrow money for the first time together, the card featured.
Using loans wisely, let’s change the chance to pinch. 1.
You must clear the two simple conditions students borrow money in loans for two other conditions students borrow money in loans.
First of all, please see quick reference.
If you are satisfied you can borrow my Let’s each condition.
To borrow money on the loans conditions one or more 20-year-old is over 20 years old is required.
You can borrow money in consumer finance and bank loans if you exceeded the 20-year-old.
Parental consent nor the guarantor is required.
Under the 20-year-old student (18-19-year-old) of, cannot apply for consumer loans and bank loans.
You can also borrow money in private student loans for students under 20 years old, but basically needed to parental consent.
Under the 20-year-old students who get in trouble for money, first of all to consult parents.
Criteria 2 job you can have a steady monthly part-time income students borrow money in consumer finance and bank loans.
If so good yen a month 30000 or 40000 Yen to less income, monthly at work get paid if is okay.
Not included in income for the revenue, such as remittances of their income is not stable.
Because your part-time income must still work if you do not find the job first. 2.
Point want to keep holding the points students want to keep holding students to borrow money for three of the four.
1-point advantage the interest-free period to loans in interest-free period may be stiffer.
For example leading consumer financial promise and ACOM, AIFUL and 30-day interest-free period, can reduce the interest pay that interest does not occur during that period, is obtained.Major loans have interest-free period is as follows. Choose card interest rate, loan term ACOM 3.0%~18.0% first 30 day receivables Lake 4.5%~18.0% two interest-free period-30 days between loan and up to 50000 yen for 180 days interest-free promise 4.5%~17.8%
30-day interest-free points if the first if for the first time 30 day receivables AIFUL 4.5%~18.0% 2 consumer finance credit limit to barebones furnace, bank loans review higher credit limit review increases.
If you want 10000 Yen only 10000 yen, 30000 Yen if necessary, like 30000 Yen minimum credit limit in application.
Three points must be unqualified also in applications that cannot lie about a lie.
For example “should pay more to permeate everything…” of like not caching examination that favor an income higher than the actual declaration, also.
False claims are due to fall because application content type to be honest.
4-point examination result arrives upon typos to get rid of loans will come by email or phone.
Wrong email address or phone number, and it attended the examination and did not receive the communication.
The application make sure, eliminate typing mistakes. 3.
If you borrow money from consumer finance and bank loans when you want to borrow money to hide three note point students to the school borrowing bareru do not.
However, there are things you want to note when you want to cache as their parents found out.
Note 1 shipment arrives if living with parents is no problem for shipment to his home to live alone was home mailings from caching by borrowing loans from Barre gone they may be.
When parents want to secret shipments to the home 無kusimasou.
You can eliminate the shipment, in one or more of the following ways.
Use of automated contract machines using Cordless loans receives loan Cordless card and mailing to your home.
Financing method is Bank loans, will be transferred to the bank account you have.
That confirms your membership agreement form.
Seen a loan so you can cash loan with no borrowing bareru may not.
Lake and promise major loans available to cordless.After passing through the vetting NET to sign up, go to automated contract machines, receives the loan is OK.
Use this method when you want to take the loan.
Lake, promise and ACOM, AIFUL major loans can be issued cards with automated contract machines.
Automated contract machines operating hours in and receive the card. Card automated contract machine registration time Lake weekdays & Saturdays 8:00-24:00 Sunday public holidays, 8:00-22:00 third Sunday in the month 8:00-19:00 * for the first time on the day of loan until 22:00 promise 9:00-22:00 ACOM 8:00-22:00 AIFUL 8
: 00-22:00 note 2 when sign up for loans to enter a mobile phone number, enter your cell phone number phone number.
You do not need in my parents ‘ home number or landline.
Your mobile phone is fine even if temporarily living with my parents.
It to so you don’t fall to caching by parents to secretly enter your mobile number.
Note 3 back and forth are sent letter to not overdue loans repayment arrears and will come and receive a call.
It is caused by parents bareru do not absolutely overdue repayments since May.
Not overdue, if overdue, if only to interest has also increased, so I don’t know. 4.
If you borrow money from consumer loans, such as student loans, borrow money limit amount of promise and ACOM on the relationship of total legal borrowing limit is more than one-third of the salary.
Law cannot be a loan that exceeds one-third of the salary and the total pollutant load control, consumer lending, such as target.
Therefore, for example, 30000’s is at best when borrowing limit is 120000 yen.
Bank loans are subject to total control but will borrow if the student is not the maximum amount not more than about 1 / 3 of income. 5.
Introduce the card featured at time when students are borrowing money for the first time featured loans students for the first time to borrow money.
So tell the points featured pick from among these, try to apply.
ACOMA come with minimum 1 hour slow loan early, even on weekends and holidays the submission can be borrowed during the day.
30-day interest-free period because many are also briefly want to borrow money, such as “return at once pay day comes”.鹿児島県姶良市のプロミス店舗一覧検索