Minimum repayment amount difference comes connected to the difference between the total and featured consumer finance espresso

In the money lending business Act currently over 100000 yen borrowing less than 1 million, if maximum interest rates, 18% is.
It sets the interest rates of 18 percent or more if that consumer finance is due to illegal acts are held accountable for criminal punishment.
There are indeed most consumer credit is maximum interest rate to 18 percent at the last moment that you have set.
So, pick where consumer finance for loans of less than 1 million yen interest rates are similar.
However, some consumer loans are less in there that sets interest rates.
It would see less total interest because the interest rates are low in suppressed!
“And not necessarily feel rates are always low rates, the more total interest decreases.
“Minimum amount” is where it becomes important.
Introduce about here in the minimum repayment amount difference how much interest will make a difference.
I would like to set up a case to borrow first to pay only the minimum repayment amount in the case.
For example let’s say from company A 100000 Yen borrowed at an interest rate of 18%.
Minimum repayment amount is 10000 yen.
Suppose the minimum repayment amount was 9,000 yen, and borrowing the 100000 Yen at an interest rate of 17% from company B, on the other hand.
Because interest rates are 1% and at first glance than A company’s B feel attractive.
However, a table like the following and look at the actual repayment.
In total, for A company if company B, company A if at 11 times to pay interest was 9158 yen.
9580 Yen interest will pay off in the 13th payment if company B on the other hand, was raised in total.
You should choose B, interest rates are low, but were of interest is A company can.
Turns out that the difference comes to cause the minimum repayment amount is set by each consumer interest.
Minimum repayment amount that marked each consumer loan amount can be repaid without excess.
So, rather than to determine interest rates alone, and should also check the minimum repayment amount.
You will squeeze the life monthly minimum repayment amount is great too if you could better judge whether it covered up much because no.
Going to pay off of many consumer financial supports advance repayment.
This is how many repayments were spending this month from always transfer payments than the bonuses because, like, for example.プロミス 鈴鹿