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I think many people have heard of the word overpayment refund claims.
Recognised lenders can claim the refund overpayment in this gray zone interest rates have in the past.
If the next continues to pay off for long periods of time the number 100000, refund the amount of 1 million or more depending on if you can.
Interest is leaned more legal gray zone interest rates and gray zone interest rates and finance-related discrepancies.
Interest over the interest rate: interest rate restriction Act, is disabled and there is no payment obligation is stipulated. In the interest rate restriction Act limits interest on principal but less than 100000 yen… and, more than 100000 yen and less than 1 million yen, 20% in principal-18% per year principal has more than 1 million yen… and 15% per year but another law investment law,
Commitments in more than 29.2 percent interest given the penalties were stipulated. And text that is deemed to be valid if even beyond the maximum interest in the interest rate restriction Act to the money lending business act in addition, by-laws, agreement, certain conditions are met and exceeded the upper limit of the interest rate restriction Act 29.2% or less interest amount
Had become a gray zone interest rates difficult to assess both legal and illegal.
To refund claims in the money lending business law 6/2010 on revised money lending business law and investment law, got settled in this gray zone interest rates.
Is that gray will be abolished over interest rate restriction Act, penalties are given to companies, also found a refund claims for overpayment amount in the past.
You can if you use caching for consumer loans and credit cards, such as in the past, apply on the grey area of interest was paid from financial institutions have returned the interest amount.
Case the claim of often difficult situations, individuals can claim without sufficient knowledge to materials for financial institutions, including lawyers, judicial scriveners, legal experts ask is like most.
Refund for overpayment refund claims for repayment on the way in and pay off the can doesn’t mean unlimited.
Upon completion of the deal, even that was paying the overpayment in the past after a 10-year statute of limitations and claims will be gone.
In other words, is no longer even if you pay off after 10 years have passed, no matter how much overpayment refund.
You can refund the entire amount of the overpayment is still paying off if it says oppositely, and if the pay off date has not passed 10 years had continue to pay in the contract.プロミス 三鷹