Stop the gold collection and to a lawyer! And the reason to stop the harsh collection? [Caching encyclopedia]

What is gold? May have to repay the money borrowed from the gold?
Is bankruptcy and people with multiple debts and gold, not borrowing from lenders who have targeted the money lending business not registered lenders.
You must let on when lending in the country and state/province and registered before the interest rate setting according to the money lending business law.
But it is from the dark gold seller is not registered as a moneylender, so lending at high interest rates and strict collection are family suicide incident happened in the past.
Enforcement of the money lending business law was revised to 6/2010, against such a background, whereas for high interest rates often at 109.5% over gold imposed 10 years imprisonment or fined 30 million yen, or both.
In addition, dark gold supplier and debtor’s consumer loan contract is invalid because even pay interest on the yen.
Dark gold trader doing loan itself is illegal and, in the Supreme Court “striking high-interest if the principal is even no repayment obligation” that is the principal repayment is not required because there is a precedent. To stop collection gold consulted lawyers and is it true?
However, the resolve to confront the dark gold seller debtor had such knowledge, even is real hard.
It is highly likely to harassment in the workplace and neighborhood.
It is recommended to consult a lawyer when strong dark gold issues.
This is because time after a lawyer intervened on the collection to the debtor would be violation of the money lending business law, mandatory notification sent to stop collection from.
Cannot notify the document Attorney has contacted by phone, requires the suspension of collection action.
You do not pay the money, of course, after legal intervention is.
At the earliest, let’s ask the lawyers.
Be sure to consult a good lawyer because some lawyers even dark gold support cannot be!
However, none of the lawyers are dark money problems experts do not.
During the lawyer specializes in business law, divorce is a good person and I have a lot.
It is recommended that first, strong dark gold issue attorneys examine Internet search and get a free consultation.
You must instead put pressure on opponents in various ways, such as providing information to the police or criminal charges, account frozen by darkness gold seller, after the intervention of lawyers continue collection and harassment cases.プロミス みどり