Wedding gift money and party fees for consumer finance in caching

TANU is caching experiences, it’s using the caching companies: ACOM age: 28-year-old gender: male employment seniority for employees (IT-related): eight years salary: 4600000 Yen third-party debt financing: no financial accident record of the past: no basically didn’t like caching.
I hate more than “scary”.
It is a fear that if legitimate members of society should be in my income range life basically and temporarily increased the apparent income such as caching or debt, it will become commonplace and life becomes lax and collapse.
Also, I thought to pay interest that is wasted.
Did not have that debt also caching until such that the 28-year-old.
However, it is has become, unavoidably, to caching.
Friend’s wedding on Sunday and I forget it and realized that it was Friday night.
Rush in your wallet to check and little cash.
Most deposits thought to sit down at the Bank, but unfortunately, had fallen during the month payments for major purchases, so.
Had a credit card, but believe it or not, party and wedding celebration Gold membership card in pay can’t.
This is on Monday if salary, so get some cash, but just is bad.
So, he thought, ungraceful, ran into consumer finance firm ACOM!
Belly is not substituted on the back that caching is scary as there is.
A loan is 500000 yen, and smoothly passes through examination of the figures.
Gratuity and party membership fees, and caching the 50000 yen have safely Sunday wedding was able to survive until the second party.
And it’s Monday.
Hastily in lunch break went to the Bank, check your balance and are paid salaries.
In haste because it was something nasty thing again, carrying the debt amount to repay.
But looking back… quite convenient, isn’t it?, “felt it was.
For living expenses, not, as in this is really unavoidable when using caching, if addressed properly return it might come in handy, I.
It is cheaper than weekends and Bank ATM withdrawal fees if it is by the way interest is only 80 Yen was (laughs).

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